• Artists of Nicosia Downtown

    Meet artists of Nicosia Downtown at the mystic Grand Inn (Buyukhan). Visit the studios conveniently located in the heart of the city, take a look at fascinating art work. Enjoy paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and much more.. Monday - Saturday from 8am - 8pm www.buyukhan-art.com

  • Great Places to See

    Many civilizations have dwelt Nicosia Downtown for centuries. Take a stroll through Downtown Nicosia's historical attractions to explore ancient inns, churches, cathedral/mosques, Turkish baths and more..


Latest News

 Barrica to Open Its Doors End of July

The newest entertainment venue of the Nicosia Walled City, 'Barrica Cafe & Pub' is to open its doors on the 31st of July 2015, Friday. Located behind the Selimiye Mosque and adjacent to the famous Sabor El Latino Restaurant, Barrica will serve as a cafe in the day and, an entertainment venue and pub in the evenings.

Visitors are welcome to the opening party on 31st of July  Friday, where exotic cocktails will be served alongside great music, entertainment is guaranteed.

Venue: Barrica Cafe & Pub

Address: Selimiye Square, Nicosia Old Walled City



Old City Bicycle Tour & Treasure Hunt 

Folk Arts Foundation (HASDER), is organizing a bicycle tour at the Old Walled City under the "Nicosia Youth Days" hosted by the Nicosia Turkish Municpality. The tour will start on Saturday April 5, at 14:00 on Asmaaltı Street, in the Old Walled City. 

In her written statement HASDER Youth Club President Ferhunde Faruk, has noted that the goal of the event is to celebrate spring, with the use of bicycles in order to attract the attention of conscious individuals, to promote cycling in region. The route will include Walled City's historic points and aims to enlighten teenagers on the region’s historical heritage. 

The cycling tour is scheduled to take place between 14:00 to 18:00 and will be in the format of a treasure hunt. The revenue of the event will be used to finance future organisations by HASDER Youth Club.


Teens hold bi-communal bike ride across Nicosia

70 teenagers went on a symbolic bicycle ride across both sides of Nicosia on 28 September 2013, Saturday. The event took place under the auspices of the Cyprus Friendship Programme, a bi-communal youth group.

The bi-communal cycling event ended in front of the Home of Cooperation opposite the Ledra Palace hotel at midday, where Kadri Fellahoglu and Constantinos Yiorkadjis, the mayors of Turkish Municipality of Nicosia and Nicosia Municipality, representing the divided communities of the town, addressed the participants. Teenagers from the Cyprus Friendship Programme offered the men two army helmets with flowers in them.

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