Room 22 -  Where People Share Music and Friendship

ROOM 22, where music spreads to Buyukhan (Great Inn) and beyond, where people from all over the world meets and share music and friendship...

Here at Room 22, you can find keçe works, hand made jewellery  knitting works, fresh and organic food and lots of smile, love, art and music...

||| Room 22 @ Buyukhan (Great Inn), Nicosia / Cyprus (North) |||

**** Improvisational music by ****

Sertunç Akdoğu (Timbre Star): Guitar Magda Grigoriou: Ney George Tzivas: Saxophone and Harmonica ***************************

Brought to you by; Soundeclipse Music is an non-profit record label, a social music movement which uses music as a message, as a call. Soundeclipse plays its instruments to bring the good people and the goodness in all people together, around music to create a positive change. Magic happens when the stars align. SOUNDECLIPSE MUSIC