‘Downtown Art Festival’ will bring action to the heart of the Old Walled City

Let's meet at the Downtown Art Festival for an exciting weekend!

The 'Downtown Art Festival' will be organized on 1st and 2nd March 2013, under the activities of SECOND Project, Nicosia Downtown Initiative. Artists of Buyukhan, local musicians, Ataturk Vocational School, Anadolu Fine Arts School, Near East University Fine Arts Faculty and various private youth, culture and arts institutions will be participating with live music, dance shows, art work exhibitions throughout downtown Nicosia. 


The festival will host different performances inside Buyukhan, Lefke Han, Selimiye, Bandabuliya, Arasta Square such as dancing, live music etc. There will be stands for a large variety of art works, along the outside wall of the Buyukhan facing the Lefke Han.

During the festival, www.nicosiadowntown.com website and the business directory map showing the businesses in the area will be presented to the public and to visitors of the area.

The Nicosia Downtown Initiative working group consists of SECOND Project Team, European Union Coordination Centre, Nicosia Turkish Municipality, KOBIGEM (SME Development Centre), Tourism Planning and Promotion Departments, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry, Chamber of Shopkeepers and Artisans, Hoteliers’ Association, Travel Agents Association, Tourist Guides Association and Businesswomen Association.