Bandabuliya Memory Photo Exhibition (28 February 2013)

Bandabulya is opening its doors for an exciting event! Come and join us at the opening ceremony of the 'Bandabulya's Faces and memories' photo exhibition!

This activity is funded by the European Union and supported by UNDP Partnership For Future.

Ambar Cafe: The Organic Lifestyle

A brand new business, Ambar Cafe and Organic Shop has recently opened in Nicosia Downtown in December 2012. Located on Arasta Street no 38, Ambar Cafe and Organic Shop is a nice little cafe where you can enjoy organic cookies, a variety of cakes including traditional Cypriot olive and hellim cheese cakes, soups and desserts like tiramisu and cheesecake. Here you may also find a variety of organic products suitable for home cooking. With a selection of organic herbs, you can also choose the blend of your own tea while you enjoy your cake at Ambar Cafe.

Room 22 -  Where People Share Music and Friendship

ROOM 22, where music spreads to Buyukhan (Great Inn) and beyond, where people from all over the world meets and share music and friendship...

Here at Room 22, you can find keçe works, hand made jewellery  knitting works, fresh and organic food and lots of smile, love, art and music...

||| Room 22 @ Buyukhan (Great Inn), Nicosia / Cyprus (North) |||

Filming Began for  Nicosia Downtown Promotion Video

The SECOND Project Team has announced that filming has began for Nicosia Downtown Initiative's promotion video. The video will be published online to promote Nicosia Downtown's historical and cultural attractions, artists, dining and shopping facilities and will be co-sponsored by Quip Production. Here's a photo from Buyukhan with the production team..