Buyuk Hamam (Grand Bath/ St. George of Latin's Church)

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St. George Church was a Latin church (1309) built in the Lusignan period, in the Middle Ages. Then it was adapted to a Bath in the beginning of the Ottoman period (1571-1590). Only the ornamented arched doorway of the Church has lasted to this day and is still being used as an entrance gate for the Bath. The Bath, as all classic baths, has an undressing room, cooling and warming sections. The bathhouse consists of a reception area with a wooden roof supported by two pointed arches with divans along the walls and an octagonal cistern in the centre. After the reception area there are two smaller entrée rooms with four recesses and then the vaulted “caldarium” (hot room) with recesses and a stone bench at the centre. The “caldarium” extends to two small side chambers and light is provided by the glass on the bell-shaped cupola.