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Özerlat Coffee

History of Turkish Coffee and Özerlat

Turkish coffee was first introduced in Cyprus by families emigrating from different parts of Anatolia during the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Ever since, Turkish coffee became an integral part of Cypriot culture; on a daily basis, people meticulously go through the ritual of preparing Turkish coffee at home. 

The process of making coffee at home was initially an arduous process: it consisted of roasting green coffee beans in pans, grinding the roasted beans with hand mills and cooking the ground coffee on burning coal. All of this was just to enjoy a small cup of this divine beverage.

In early 1900s, Dervis Tahmis opened the first Cypriot coffee shop on Nicosia's Ermou Street. Following Tahmis' death in 1932, his oldest son, Hasan Dervis Ozerlat, took over the coffee business. It did not take long for young Hasan Dervis to coin the brand name “Hasan Dervis Ozerlat Kurukahve”. Hasan Özerlat introduced the first electrical coffee grinding machine and started selling Turkish coffee in packages to local markets.

Upon his unexpected death in 1972, the business was once again inherited from father to son. At a younger age than his predecessors, Dervis Ozerlat — the only son of Hasan Dervis — embarked on this century-old journey.. Derviş Özerlat modernized not only the brand name to “Ozerlat Turkish Coffee”, but also introduced new packaging techniques and materials, whilst preserving the traditional taste of coffee Cypriots came to love.

Within the decade, big improvements took place in the assembly and distribution of Turkish coffee within the company. Today, Ozerlat Turkish Coffee is a flourishing and modern company proudly carrying the brand to any home in Cyprus with an aspiration to make it an international trademark.

Özerlat Cafe

Ozerlat Coffee-house located in Nicosia downtown is a spot where visitors can not only enjoy a wide variety of the famous Ozerlat Coffees, but can also buy freshly produced Ozerlat Coffee and tea varieties. Walk-ins are welcome and indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Address: Arasta Street, No.73A, Opposite Selimiye Mosque, Old Walled City , Lefkosa (Nicosia)

Telephone: +90 392 2281191

Monday to Saturday

8:00 - 18:00