• Artists of Nicosia Downtown

    Meet artists of Nicosia Downtown at the mystic Grand Inn (Buyukhan). Visit the studios conveniently located in the heart of the city, take a look at fascinating art work. Enjoy paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and much more.. Monday - Saturday from 8am - 8pm www.buyukhan-art.com

  • Great Places to See

    Many civilizations have dwelt Nicosia Downtown for centuries. Take a stroll through Downtown Nicosia's historical attractions to explore ancient inns, churches, cathedral/mosques, Turkish baths and more..


Latest News

 Art Without Disability Event at Bandabuliya 

The Management Centre and Cyprus Turkish Orthopaedic Disabled Association attracted attention on World Disabled Day with an  'Art Without Disability' event at Bandabuliya (Grand Bazaar) on 3 December 2012 under the cultural and social activities supported  by UNDP-Partnership for Future (UNDP-PFF). In the event, visitors enjoyed viewing the exhibition and listening live music from Gommalar Cover Band. 


Tango and Wine Lovers Met at Mallia Restaurant

Accompanied by violin and accordion,  Tango music and wine lovers met at Mallia Restaurant in Buyukhan (Grand Inn) on the evening of 28 November. During the night, guests had the chance to taste Trivento wines and listen to live tango music performed by Ertem Nalbantoglu and his partner in the amazing ambiance of the historical Buyukhan. 


Local Businesses Meet at Touristic Product Development Workshop

A Touristic Product Development Workshop has been organised by SECOND Project, on 13 November 2012, at 10.00 at Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry, with respect to the Nicosia Downtown Initiative. 

The workshop took place under the support of the Nicosia Downtown Initiative working group, Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry, Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Artisans and Shopkeepers, producers, local shopkeepers and KOBIGEM.

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